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Human creativity and skill is central to the success of any modern company, and the better the tools they have the more creative employees can be and the more effective they can be at applying their skills. And so in the modern business environment it is more important than ever that your company invests in advanced tools that enhance people's jobs and their ability to perform them effectively and efficiently. And few tools are more important than that which will enable your staff to share knowledge and information, and to collaborate in ways that have hitherto been inconceivable.


Choosing the right tool is therefore critical if your company is to fully embrace the digital age and allow all employees to be knowledge workers. So when it comes to knowledge management tools, you want to look for the following features:


  • Sharing of knowledge and information
  • Creation of a database of corporate knowledge
  • Electronic document delivery
  • Employee collaboration system
  • Enable you to encourage and incentivise knowledge sharing amongst employees
  • "Plug-and-play" for simple and fast deployment
  • Web-based interface for ease of use


  • Improved utilisation of available talent
  • Capture and deployment of standardised best practices
  • Sharing of lessons learned for continuous improvement
  • Expert knowledge transfer from retiring workforce
  • Insulation against departure of key individuals
  • Visibility of the knowledge asset
  • Quantifiable knowledge asset
  • Streamlined product development cycle
  • Accelerated learning programmes
  • Increased levels of innovation through collaboration


@CUMEN has the capacity to make your employees more effective, efficient and productive. Yet we believe information sharing is more than just smarter working, it is also about job satisfaction. For who does not love having their opinion asked? Even the shyest of people flush with pride when asked for advice on a subject they know well! And conversely for that matter, who can fail to get frustrated when a search for information that ought to be straightforward ends up taking an eternity.


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