Cost/Return Profile
Savings Analysis



The total cost of ownership (TCO) reflects the total expense involved in purchasing, deploying, and maintaining a software solution. This is an incomplete measurement, since it does not reflect the benefit and value that @CUMEN will bring to your organisation. And so while the TCO is a useful decision making tool when budgeting and planning an investment in your staff, more relevant is how the cost of ownership translates into a business return.


Since @CUMEN is a complete "plug-and-play" solution in a box, there is no further software or hardware to buy, install, maintain or upgrade, ensuring transparency when calculating and budgeting your investment. Further, our subscription based licensing spreads the total cost of ownership more evenly and transparently over the lifetime of your investment in your staff. Thus, your risk is dramatically reduced since your investment remains tied to your business return, as the diagram below illustrates.



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