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How easy and quick is it to deploy @CUMEN?


@CUMEN can be deployed as a software-only solution, as a hosted solution, or as a plug-and-play solution in which everything you need comes in a single box that plugs straight into your corporate intranet. Thus, deployment can often be completed in little more than a matter of minutes and requires a minimum amount of technical knowledge.


Once physically deployed on your corporate intranet, @CUMEN still needs to be rolled out across your organisation, but this too requires no technical knowledge. And because @CUMEN is a web-based application that runs in a standard web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox, you'll find it naturally intuitive and easy to use. And for those situations when you need a little bit of help, there is a thorough and comprehensive context-sensitive online help system, complete and easy to read and understand user documentation, and of course our technical support staff.

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