What does @CUMEN do?
How will @CUMEN benefit my business?
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How will @CUMEN benefit my business?


Effective information sharing will bring many benefits to your business, including a reduction in costs, an increase in productivity and a reduction in corporate reaction time. More fundamentally, everyone recognises that a company's most important asset is the employees, and similarly every company recognises the need to invest in the employees, whether it be staff training or even staff benefits. Training reflects the corporate need to get as much out of the employees as possible. And besides the obvious need to attract and retain employees, benefits further reflect the simple but universal fact that happy employees who enjoy their work tend to be more productive as a result of it.


@CUMEN reflects and responds to both of these simple but essential corporate needs, merely from a slightly different perspective. And so while training is an important tool for getting more out of your employees, @CUMEN is equally important if you want to benefit from all of the skills and knowledge that your employees have. And since everyone loves having their opinion asked, employees will be more than just more productive, they will be happier too.


  • Improved utilisation of available talent
  • Capture and deployment of standardised best practices
  • Sharing of lessons learned for continuous improvement
  • Expert knowledge transfer from retiring workforce
  • Insulation against departure of key individuals
  • Visibility of the knowledge asset
  • Quantifiable knowledge asset
  • Streamlined product development cycle
  • Accelerated learning programmes
  • Increased levels of innovation through collaboration


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