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Why should I choose @CUMEN?


Like most great and inspirational ideas, the true value of a knowledge management system is the extent to which the theoretical ideal - that information and knowledge will be shared by all - is endorsed and welcomed by the employees charged with implementing that ideal. That is, will knowledge workers benefit from the satisfaction of sharing their knowledge, or will they worry that their position within the organisation might be diminished.


Because @CUMEN targets all the knowledge and information that employees have that might be of use to others, and not just information that is the basis of and central to the job they do, there tends to be less resistance and reluctance to share that information and knowledge. This is particularly important in the early days, before the corporate culture has adapted to the new paradigm of information sharing and collaboration.


  • Sharing of knowledge and information
  • Creation of a database of corporate knowledge
  • Electronic document delivery
  • Employee collaboration system
  • Enable you to encourage and incentivise knowledge sharing amongst employees
  • "Plug-and-play" for simple and fast deployment- Web-based interface for ease of use
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