Knowledge sharing lifecycle
There’s hidden talent within your organisation - use it!

This simple statement is as true for others as it is for your own organisation, so were you able to tap into this valuable pool of hidden talent you would be giving yourself a tremendous competitive advantage. For information sharing not only increases productivity and reduces costs, but can also significantly improve your ability to react.


At BumperBrain we recognise that if you are going to harness that hidden talent then there are two things that you need to do. You must create a corporate culture in which every employee recognises and believes that all employees have knowledge that, shared and used wisely, will contribute to your company's success. And then you must give them the advanced tools that sets that hidden talent free by enabling information and knowledge sharing, and by creating collaboration on a scale and in a context that would simply not be possible without the right technology.


In other words, true knowledge management is about radical new ways to capture, share and leverage the knowledge of the employees within your organisation in ways that were simply not possible before, as illustrated by the knowledge sharing lifecycle.


But if corporate knowledge is to pass seemlessly through the knowledge sharing lifecycle and so go on to raise your corporate IQ, then any tool must be judged using the following principles:


  • Enable and simplify the sharing of information and knowledge amongst employees
  • Exploit all knowledge within the organisation
  • Overcome internal (employee) resistance to change
  • Support and assist the drive to encourage and incentivise knowledge sharing
  • Work with you, rather than trying to enforce a particular working practice
  • Enable people to do their job, instead of trying to do their job for them


Find a tool that can do that for you and you will cultivate all that your employees have to offer, and empower them to contribute to your company's success more effectively and more efficiently. That's why at BumperBrain we will give you more than an advanced tool that will cater to your knowledge management needs, we will provide you with a service that gives you all this and much more.

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