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Knowledge management may be hard to define, but at BumperBrain we know what we want out of it. Or to be more precise, we know what we want you to get out of it. And so, instead of bamboozling you with techno-babble about holistic visions encompassing the creation of a knowledge management strategy and architecture that synchronises with the corporate mission and strategy, we view knowledge management as a transaction between an inquisitor who is seeking knowledge and an expert who holds the knowledge they seek, and when appropriate the recording or pre-recording of that transaction for later re-use.


Corporate knowledge can and does take many forms, and can and does cover a huge spectrum of topics. For example there is technical knowledge, product knowledge, knowledge about competitors and customers, knowledge about the distribution and supply chains. But there is also the knowledge that individual employees have, and that may or may not have been put down on paper, and that may or may not be directly relevant to the job they are employed to do.


To survive and thrive in an increasingly globalised world you need to create competitive advantage by tapping into that huge and invaluable pool of knowledge. For knowledge really is the ultimate business tool.



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