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In today's competitive and challenging business environment, companies are struggling to meet and keep up with the demands that are made of them by their customers and competitors. But at the core of their response to those demands must be the determination not just to empower the employees to do the jobs they are there to do, but also to leverage all that the employees are able to contribute to the company's success.


However before you can leverage all that the employees are able to contribute, you must first establish precisely what it is they have to offer and how that can best be applied to your business needs. Knowledge sharing has the capacity to play a central role in that leveraging process because it is all about taking personal knowledge, that is knowledge that is held by the employees, and applying it to the corporate needs by making it available to other employees who would benefit from that knowledge, if only they knew it was there.


Once employees are sharing the knowledge that each of them have, they will become more efficient not just as individuals but also as an organisation, since they will no longer need to spend their time seeking out information, knowledge and solutions that other employees already have. But perhaps most valuable is not when they are seeking specific information that another employee is able to provide, but instead when another employee has experience or knowledge that gives them an insight that would never otherwise have occurred to them, an insight that could open up all sorts of new horizons and possibilities.



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